The GTTC2021 Summer Internship Program 

The paid internship for students to work at local companies and organizations is the capstone event of GTTC. We would like to share that the implementation of the internship program has reflected the true spirit of collaboration among the GTTC consortium members and industry partners. Each member plays a critical role in placing interns by unreservedly sharing its strength and working with other members as a team.

From late June 2021, seventeen qualified GTTC students have been recruited by six companies and organizations in Southeastern Michigan and started their hands-on Geotech internship projects.

COMPANY                                                    INTERNSHIP PROJECT

Aerotropolis                                                   urban air mobility

City of Livonia                                               public water mains attribution

Mannik & Smith Group                               searchable web map

MiCAMP                                                        shoreline change detection

Monroe Planning Dept.                              land use planning

NAVV Systems                                              mapping data for mobile workflow

In the Grand Traverse City Region, the GTTC internship has been offered in a different arrangement.  Seven GTTC interns were placed with 5 employers (Table 1) in the Grand Traverse region and enrolled in the fall NMC WSI 290 course, running from August 2nd – December 2nd, 2021.

COMPANY                                                    INTERNSHIP PROJECT

City of Traverse City                                    cataloging public art access, ownership, artist info, and condition    

Housing North                                              housing development in ecologically resilient areas with access to existing infrastructure

Grand Traverse Band                                  road-stream crossings     

Little Traverse Bay Band                             Arctic Grayling stocking site access points and slope

TOPOnexus                                                    Natural springs and public park resources